What We Do

Peak TV. The Golden Age of Television. The Era of Too Many Choices.

Whatever you call it, one thing is clear: Discerning TV viewers are spoiled for choice.

Sure, you could tackle the problem the way most of us do. When you’re looking for a new show to watch, you could ask your friends for recommendations, search social media for trending titles or check your favorite review aggregator for suggestions.

From there, you’ll probably watch a trailer or the first episode to decide whether you want to commit.

But with an average of 500 scripted shows (yes, you read that right!) airing every year -- there’s no guarantee whether this scattershot method will show you exactly the right show that will become your new favorite. There’s no way to ensure that that life-changing title -- the one that will ignite your passion, realign your way of thinking and join your all-time list of favorite shows -- will bubble to the surface and find its way onto your watch list.

At Binge Report, we find that unacceptable.

This site and app are designed to curate the best of the best TV from over-the-air, streaming and digital.

What makes us special?

Your recommendations are completely tailored to your tastes.

How does it work? Simple: We use algorithms to select the top show for you. Using our proprietary mix of filtering and recommendations, we show you the best possible selection for what to watch.

Your time is priceless. Your taste is unique. And the run of new TV shows is seemingly unending.

Binge Report is your secret weapon for uncovering the shows that will change your life.