The founders of Binge Report have several decades’ worth of combined experience in digital marketing and online content.

But their inspiration for this site and app came from something much simpler: an undying passion for great TV.

Binge Report was born out of one simple impulse. We live in a time where we can easily harness the power and sophistication of data, recommendations, algorithms and surveys.

Why haven’t those tools been turned toward matching passionate viewers with the perfect shows to watch?

TV -- encompassing that programming which comes over the air, over computers and/or over any other connected device -- is arguably this era’s chosen medium for modern masterpieces.

We founded Binge Report for selfish reasons: We love TV. Our time is limited. We didn’t like the idea of wasting hours of our lives trying to find the TV shows that we’d love the most.

This is our passion project. We’ve worked hard to ensure that users of this site receive the most highly personalized and accurate TV show recommendations. We’ve also packed the site and app with valuable news, behind-the-scenes scoop and in-depth content.

Welcome to Binge Report: Connect. Learn. Tune in.